Sorting, Inspection and Rework

Company Services

Materials inspection

Defective materials reworks

Components subassembly

Labeled & packing

Cleaning of pieces

Timing and movements

Information management

Specialized labor

Incoming Inspection

Statistical processes control

Operational test

Fixture design and manufacture

Machinery pieces manufacture

Plating (Zinc, tin, anodizing, etc.)


Do you need a Sorting Company in Mexico?

SIR de Mexico is a Third Party Contaiment Company that can serve you with your customers at Mexico. We provide a extense group of services listed here that can acomodate your needs.

Our primary area of coverage is Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico and Saltillo - Ramos Arizpe Area where our corporate headquarters offices are located.

If you are interested in a quotation please contact us and a customer service representative will give you all information required on this matter.


Our Quality Qualified Inspectors for Sorting, Inspection and Reworks are commited to our vision and mission of our company. They will take care of your products and will achieve their goals in standard time sorting and PPM quality delivery...


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